Cinderella Stories can be "Grimm"

Cinderella, most of us hear her name and know the Disney story like the back of our own hand. Pretty girl gets a little dirty doing housework, bullied by some jealous step-family, has a mental breakdown and starts conversing with mice, meets a magical grandmother with rather small wings for her body frame, who then sets our lucky girl up with a sweet horse powered carriage, an on fleek ball gown, and a prince charming to boot.

However, have you heard of China's Yeh-Shen, Rhodopis from Egypt, Maria of the Philippines, or Little Scarface of the Native American Algonquin tribe? These are Cinderella stories from around the world that have been told for centuries by cultures who had no idea the others existed. Cinderella's story is not reserved for the privileged or lucky, it is not something of fairy dust and singing mice. Her's is all of our story. Challenge, adversity, community, choices, and the clock striking midnight, our precious time.

Disney doctored the original Grimm's fairy tale to be appropriate for the big screen. In truth there's a lot more blood, sweat, and tears involved when it comes to being a princess. Little Scarface' face was burnt beyond recognition by her own jealous sisters while Rhodopis was kidnapped by pirates and sold into Egyptian slavery. Cinderella's story is universal only with different talking animals and ball gowns that won't get tangled u[ in our wheelchair carriages.

I personally am a mashup of several princess prose. Firstly, I would say I'm most like Rapunzel due to the fact I live deep in a canyon where electricity rolls in and out with the fickle weather. I live in a home that requires two flights of old, rickety, brick stairs to ascend before discovering my tower bedroom. My 65 year old father sometimes has to carry me piggy back on days my feet are breaking, it definitely keeps the neighbors inquisitive.

Now, Cinderella and I share similar philosophies on life. We both tend to swim in the glass half full spectrum. Ariel and I would be besties because I'm pretty sure I've got some serious mermaid genes attempting to change my feet into flippers at the moment (and we both look damn good in sparkly blue). I would introduce Ariel and Pocahontas for sure, seeing Poca and I have mastered the swan dive. Then the three of us would register as a synchronize swim team called the "Disney Dippers" (which I will be trying sync swimming in 2017, stay tuned). My reading skills are definitely on par with Belle's and oftentimes you can find me karate chopping shower droplets as if Mulan and I train together on a daily basis.

My point is, your story can be even more magical and wonder filled than any princess' fairy tale out there. You get to write your own story, build your own kingdom, and dream up your own adventures. The tougher your circumstances, the gnarlier your obstacles, the more magical and beautiful you become All you need to do is believe, and no matter how your heart is grieving right now, when you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true ♪♫♬

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